Piro tweets: Ok, thats about enough drawing for tonight: http://bit.ly/r4OLU

Piro tweets: yes, that's my daddy and jack spoof. i suddenly want to get him a wooden sword and a helmet. Mom might not approve tho. :P

Piro tweets: Ok, off to fix something. THis done so far: http://bit.ly/b0HKv

Piro tweets: actually, here's what full size (the resolution i work at (600dpi)) looks like: http://is.gd/PH3h

Piro tweets: what i draw: http://is.gd/PH3h - what you finally get (web size): http://is.gd/PHsm

Piro tweets: can haz too much d3ta1l? http://www.megatokyo.com/scr33n/scr33n_2009-06-08_39882.png

Piro tweets: No joke - pirogoeth's looks is inspired by the way one of my cats look at me: http://is.gd/TFw5

Piro tweets: Apologies for the lateness of the comic. Here is the finished art (which stands well on its own), in somewhat higher rez: http://is.gd/ULx4