doujin (or doujinshi) = amatuer self-published work, such as a comic book

Piro tweets: fredrin: subtle, but different:

Piro tweets:

Piro tweets: yes, the right arm is way off kilter, thats in fixage

Piro tweets: This is getting kinda stupid, but thats zomdrawmode:

Piro tweets: for all it takes to hatch stuff, i should just color this crap. if i could color.

Piro tweets: posted a more full version of the drawing in my rant column. background needs work, try to finish that in the am

Piro tweets: where the drawing currently stands:

Piro tweets: Pirogoeth's standard 'armor' is a little less practicable than i would like

Piro tweets: its not armor. Its sweater-like material, with a overwrap and corset. Part of it is traditional garb for women there.

Piro tweets: i'll be posting all of these, slightly cleaned up, in a DPD post to, uh, cover last week: (mondays comic IS in progress)

Piro tweets: that's right from the start of things, which is why i can post it. Nothing *really* new there that you didn't know. mostly.

Piro tweets: woo. 165 meg .eps file

Piro tweets: and yes, i KNOW, i spelled "siege" wrong

Piro tweets: its just from my sketchbook. It's not really meant for consumption. There's a lot there you just wont see in my sketches ^^;;

Piro tweets: the Moleskine Cahier EXTRA Large Plain Notebook, what i'm am doing the endgames prelims in: