The raw art of this strip was up as a placeholder while the the strip was being finished.

Piro tweets: the trouble is that my days get chopped up by lots of different things, i work best when focusd

Piro tweets: but sometimes even when focused, the art doesnt come together right. i shall show an example

Piro tweets: undersketch, not too bad. refining... wtf? try again - the hell?

Piro tweets: and again... oh come fucking on. ok, thats getting there, working over original overlay

Piro tweets: you bumble through that kind of pathetic meandering and before you know it it's almost 3am and you gotta go to bed to be up with baby at 8

Piro tweets: so... ah well, it is what it is. At least i am starting to get it with that last frame.

Piro tweets: oh, here's the final version of that panel i showed progress views of:

Piro tweets: I seem to be into triumvirate series right now for some reason...

Piro tweets: Just for fun, here's a text free view of the middle panel (spoilerific if you haven't read todays comic yet)