H4xorz? = Hacks?

Piro tweets: this one is getting done, just hatching it. Here's the first two panels: http://tinyurl.com/3sjofs

Piro tweets: what's really funny is that parsing the dialogue through some online translations gives a result that really does read... very wrong:

Piro tweets: http://tinyurl.com/5zkery

Piro speaks:
for the record, the pixilated screen is a bit of a poke at SD :P Remember that time when i blurred out Miho's text msgs to piro early in the last chapter, and i didn't do it well enough to cover the text on the screen? (btw, i would not take that text as pure kanon, it was not really parsed and tweaked)
In anticipation of people pixeljockying the lines on the screen (literally, just pencil lines) i thought i should blur it a bit. Using the mosaic to do it, and eventually most of the phone became funny in its own right so i went with it.