The raw art of this strip was up as a placeholder while the the strip was being finished.
HSPA+ - Evolved High Speed Packet Access
UMTS - Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
EDGE - Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution
3G - Third generation of mobile phone standards and technology
802.11n - At the time, that latest update to the WiFi protocol
GPS - Global Positioning System
GeoTagging - tagging photos, etc., with GPS location data
Bluetooth - a short range wireless network protocol
Tr4nzl33t = Transleet, pun on "translate"
rc = release candidate
-san = standard Japanese name suffix, shows politeness

Piro tweets: i'm going to post screeshots of the panels as i finish them up this morning since you've all seen the comic already :)

Piro tweets: for starters, heres my pshop layout: photoshop_comic-setup.jpg

Piro tweets: frame 1 tweaked, ready for hatch:

Piro tweets: frame 1 hatched:

Piro tweets: frame 2 lines

Piro tweets: frame2 shaded

Piro tweets: layers get dropped and deleted as i work through the comic. i still do all the layout and text in illustrator

Piro tweets: i am experimenting with making small movies of the drawing process - we'll see if this is youtubable :)

Piro tweets: screenshot of frame 3 in progress:

Piro tweets: frame 3 linework:

Piro tweets: frame 3 hatch:

Piro tweets: frame 4:

Piro tweets: frame 5&6:

Piro tweets: frame 5 pencils - ping and boo :)

Piro tweets: Ping and Boo, hatched:

Piro tweets: frame ... next to last:

Piro tweets: here's that video:

Piro tweets: two more videos to upload here, these are slightly better - also, i now know what settings i should use when trying this again.

Piro tweets: 2nd and 3rd videos uploaded to youtube - first of them is visible now:

Piro tweets: and... the third one is up now too:

Piro speaks:
actually, everything is done in Photoshop - i just use a blue color when rough sketching and keep it on its own layer - sometimes, multiple layers. Makes it easy to move stuff around. Just adjust the transparency when tracing/sketching over it.
Frames and bubbles i still do in Illustrator - what you see there is just a EPS export that i place in its own layer to use as a reference for where things are. I've tried doing them in Photoshop, its just a pain - lot easier to work with text and vector stuff in Illustrator.
No speed up or slow down on this, its a real time video. All three of them are. Which is kinda sad, i think to see how slow i am. Well, not so much slow, as how much i go back and tweak and adjust and layer to get to final drawings. A real pro could put the lines down in the right place more or less the first time. I gotta fiddle with it to find them. :P
These are really just experimental vids. A few tweaks will get me some higher rez versions that should look better for starters, and i will add some audio to them in the future as well (music, commentary, not sure yet). It's all doable.