The title is grammar-corrected from the original usage by Edgar Allan Poe in The Man of the Crowd.

Piro speaks:
Oh, and just for fun - here are some of the preliminary snapshots of it as i was working on it (and sharing the results with friends). I created an automator application that can post screen grabs online and give me the URL in my clipboard - a pretty handy thing. I might poke at doing something like that as a kind of visual twitter-like thing for the front of the site (like using tumblr or something like that... the trick is that often i dont want to share things too publically because of spoilers. ^^;;
Anyways, here they are:
The real upshot here is that i think this kinda thing is fun to show, so i'll be trying to be a little more regular in creating sets like this, so that the sequence can be seen more readily. It's one of the benifits of doing things digitally. Tho i still like coloring in copic, this came out pretty good for a quick sketch.