Piro speaks:
I'm glad everyone seems to like the image - i actually colored it on a whim, and it took a little over an hour (mostly because i was double tasking a lot and the last half hour i was holding Jack in one arm with him sitting on my leg and coloring with the free hand) but it came out pretty good. The blazer could use some work, but i am really liking the way hair and other things come out with this color layering method.
In answer to the calls for a color-free version (as well as one rather curious attempt to level-out the colors ^^;;;) i decided to post a color free version for those of you wishing to CG the image. As i was preparing the file, i decided to leave it at 300 dpi, and then decided what the hell, i'll leave the color layers on it as well. So here ya go:
its about 15 megs, but i dont think that it will be too hard on Akiko with just SD people downloading it. It is a Photoshop file, done in the CS3 version, but most of you should be able to load it.
Just my way of saying thank you to all of you who enjoy coloring derivatives of my work and to give you a chance to see what a full dpi image looks like, even if it is kind of a quick, disorganized one. :P