The raw art of this strip was up as a placeholder while the the strip was being finished.
Cha-san - reference to Chacha from Akazukin Chacha

Piro speaks:
This is one that i haven't seen people pick up on: Just who Cha-chan is referring to. You people really need to get more up on your magical grrls. No... i think i'll just need to accept the fact that this is arcane oldschool knowledge. ^^;;;
(If you catch the reference, you'll understand this: While Cha-chan is quite capable of reducing Zom-zom down to this more manageable size, it may have taken a few tries, and in the end left you feeling that it might have been safer to leave him big-sized. Also, she has some experience with big rampaging rabbits. (If someone doesn't get this, i'm going to be very dissapointed in all of you and might have to give you Magical Grrl homework)).