The raw art of this strip was up as a placeholder while the the strip was being finished.
Mirai is also a Warmth character making a cameo appearance.
-kun = male-only suffix often used among children who are close friends

Piro speaks:
final version of the comic posted, with hand-shading.
yknow, i've tried to come up with alternative ways of shading or adding some rendering to the drawings, and in the end it just always seems to be faster to do it by hand with pencil. pasting and applying hatch to areas is quite a bit slower for me in the long run and doesnt look as good. I need to investigate if there are ways to build pattern brushes that will enable me to wash large areas quickly - something i havent really experimented with yet.
Anyhoo... stupid bad week in a lot of ways. My experiments with changing the base way i do MT comics to try to find economies really didnt produce anything that helped - but as it has in the past i feel more confident in my normal way of working. :)