Shiritsu = Private, as in private school

Asmodeus speaks:
Dai = big, large. What's the synonym of big?
Tou = east.
Figure the rest out on your own. :P

Asmodeus speaks:
Fred asked me before he went on a vacation "What should the name of the school Miho goes to be?" and I came up with "Shiritsu Daitou Jyogakuin". But Largo didn't want to be a teacher at all-girls school. So we decide it to be a co-ed.
Where I got the name from? Read my previous post very carefully and figure it out on your own. Good luck.

Asmodeus speaks:
I also did some research to help piro design Miho's school uniform. I was surfing through Girl's School Uniform Encyclopedia pages. Made me feel like I'm some kind of screwed up perv. (^^)
Piro: Doesn't mean that I hated it. I'm willing to help you in any way I can. It...just felt weird.

Is Largo wearing a shirt?

Piro speaks:
well, he isnt. ^_^ thats just a necklass. ^_^

Qu4ke with ph34r = Quake with fear