neko = cat
NPCs = Non Player Characters
B33r h3r3 = Beer here
3vil = evil
ph33r = fear

The -pyo in the strip title, what's that supposed to be from?

Dom speaks:
DiGi Charat. The use of a nonsense sound to end sentences is a classic Japanese mannerism, similar to, say, the Californian sprinkling of "like" in every sentence.

Piro speaks:
Miho is dressed as Piyoko Analogue III, Dejiko's arch rival-pyo.
Oh, and its hard to guess, but that's Dom and Ed dressed as little black gamer geba-geba dudes-pyo.
So much of these Naze Nani strips are anime in-jokes... i am sorry for that-pyo. I can't help it-pyo.

Dom speaks:
Sure you can help it-gema. You just need to come over here more often and get hit upside the head-gema. Of course, Sarah would kill me-gema. So maybe not-gema.
(Okay, so maybe we script-editing Black Gema-gema minions could be doing a better job keeping you from doing this silly stuff-gema, but what would be the fun in that-gema?)

Piro speaks:
As for reading too deep - because it's my nature, i'm putting a lot of depth into MT. You dont have to see it or look for it to enjoy it. Many things will forever go unnoticed and known only to me and largo (there is a subtle joke hanging over the last 3 naze nani strips that no one has picked up yet ^_^)
But you can hopefully get a chuckle out of today's strip without worrying about the deeper issues. ^_^ To me, a good peice of work can be read on many levels. If you like, you can allways dig a little deeper.
Of course, i wont allways tell you if you are right or not.

Piro speaks:
what's really happening in reality is there for you to discern for yourself. If you think about it, do any of us REALLY know the truth about what's happening in the world? Not really, it's all based on perception. Sad truth of the world is that its not truth that really matters, it's perception. Just ask any politician.