Tsubasa speaks:
I hope at least he can find a place to crash... ^-^; A long way to find love...

Dom speaks:
That's not Love Hina you're smelling, you're smelling a Japanese story as old as can be. You kidding me? Osananajimi (childhood friends née love interests) are a staple of dating sims and other romance manga...

Piro speaks:
I have great respect for Akamatsu Ken - an amazing amount, actually. I refer to him as my evil twin. ^^;; - and i too hvae found the similarities and things disturbing - mainly because they were never intended. I did not watch or read LH until long after some of the 'similarities' were already in place.
So, for the record, No, there isnt intended to be a similarity to Love Hina - its just the fact that both Love Hina and Megatokyo spoof the same genres - Ren'ai games and anime. we spoof a lot of the same constructs, the same stereotypes. Similarties are inevitible.

Tsubasa used "Ping-san" and "Ping-chan"?

Piro speaks:
you people are so nit-picky
its not a mistake.

-san - standard Japanese name suffix, shows politeness.
-chan - suffix used for children, people younger than you, or close friends.