CubeSoft - A pun on the video game company SquareSoft

Dom speaks:
(note that in the panel with Rent-a-Zilla, there's also a child pointing at it, and presumably talking to his mom/dad about it, as a classic comic device:
"Mom, Dad, a big ol' monster's ravaging Tokyo!"
"Sure it is, son. Now sit down before you fall.")

Piro speaks:
Many visual novels have H content as a matter of course. Games like Kanon, Air and To Heart all have events that basically involve scoring with the girls in the game. In most H games, there is usually very little real 'story' or plot, and the game vehicle is merely a framework for the player to get to the 'good stuff'. Visual novels, however, use H content in a different way. The H content in the game is provided as a potent, more satisfying 'goal' - lets face it, what more potent way to cap off the emotional involvement in a good game than to complete the fanstasy?
H content is also there, really, because it is all about sales. Whats interesting is that once a game becomes successful, versions of the game (like Kanon) appear that have had all the H content removed - the story is strong enough that it doesnt need the H elements. To Heart is another example - when it made it's move to TV, there were no remnants of the H content of the game.

Piro's strip [126] rant has a few words about train molesters.