The logo on her shirt looks a little like Penny Arcade's occasionally seen wombat logo.

Piro speaks:
y'know, i was thinking it was a bear. I wasnt thinkin wombat or PA at all.
And i dont think it was subliminal. In fact, the sketch says 'bear' under it

Largo speaks:
Tycho's onto us dude, better fess up.

So these girls are to be the main squeezes of Piro and Largo?

Piro speaks:
'main squeeze'? hm. i think you might not be getting the basic concept that piro and largo really *might* BE loosers. you are assuming that they WILL pair up somehow. you are assuming that somehow they will beat all odds and have sexy girlfriends and still remain l33pter gamers. you are assuming that we will see Piro and Kimiko [edited for spoiler content].
I have a better sense of realism than that. :) I've often said that my own life is a lot like Marmalade Boy or Kare Kano on a bad day - largo also has his own set of experiences. We dont plan on going easy on the boys...
besides, sqeezing erika is dangerous to your health. squeezing kimiko is not very viable either, but for different reasons...